Guitar Curriculum


  • First Position Chords that allow you to Play your Favourite Songs.

I will teach you how to finger chords in the best way possible and how to change between chords smoothly without pausing.

  • Instrument Anatomy.

How to hold your instrument. Hand placement: how to hold a pick, how to position your hand for finger picking, how to place your fingers on the fretboard with the least amount of effort, how to position your hand so that all the notes ring out.

  • Tuning and Stringing your instrument.

Need help buying an instrument? I will go with you to the music store and help you buy an affordable, quality instrument that won’t hinder your ability to play.

  • Bar Chords, Power Chords, Riffs and Scales.

I will teach you techniques to help you move beyond first position chords and gain the hand strength and dexterity to play bar chords and begin soloing.

  • Basic Music Theory  that is fun and will help you write your own songs.
  • How to Read Tablature.

I will teach how to read tablature and chord diagrams so that you can learn songs on your own.


  • How to Solo.

You will learn riffs and chords from your favourite songs and learn the scales and chords that are behind the riffs so that you can begin to solo and improvise your own riffs and chords.

  • How to Think Rhythmically like a Professional Drummer.

I will teach you how to groove over different types of rhythms and how to internalize musical pulse. I will provide backing tracks for you to practice over and teach you how to compose your own rhythms and drum parts.

  • Plectrum Picking, Finger Picking, Tremolo Picking, String Bending.

I will teach you right and left hand techniques that will help you sound like a professional and take your playing to the next level.

  • Jazz and Classical Studies.

For students who would like to learn Jazz or Classical, we can begin including this into the lessons and I can teach you how to read chord charts and notation.

  • Song Writing.

I will teach you basic song structures and rhythm changes that will help you compose your own songs.


  • Pentatonic, Diatonic and Chromatic Harmony.

Scales and Chords and how they relate to the modes. How to think in chords, arpeggios, and in modes while your improvising on your instrument.    

  • Flamenco Techniques and Advanced Finger Picking

One special service I offer as a guitar teacher is the ability to teach flamenco strumming techniques and advanced fingerpicking.  Some of the greatest guitarists use a hybrid technique which includes fingerpicking and plectrum picking.  I can teach you how to include this in your playing and stand out as a guitarist.

  • Speed Picking

I will teach you techniques which will help you play fast when you are soloing with your pick.

  • Odd Time Signatures, Scales from Different Musical Traditions

Studying odd time signatures and scales from different musical traditions is extremely rewarding and will help you grow as a guitarist, composer, and songwriter.

  • Recording Techniques

Layering, composition, arrangement.

  • Classical and Jazz Studies

I have many years of education in Classical and Jazz and can help you advance in these styles.

  • Fusion.

How to blend different musical traditions into your own unique way of playing.