About Cole McBride

  “In the last few years, I’ve developed a motivational, open-minded approach to teaching. I believe the learning process is most fluid when my students work towards their own goals and I facilitate the learning process rather than control it. When my students have fallen in love with their instrument and made it a habitual, regular way of communicating with the world, then I know I’m doing a good job.”

Cole McBride has been a musician for over thirty years. From an early age, he began his studies in music, showing a strong interest in singing and guitar. He studied blues and rock guitar from his dad and private teachers, sang in the British Columbia Boys Choir, and began a ten year journey at the Vancouver Academy of Music studying classical guitar.  At the age of twenty, Cole moved to Seville, Spain, and studied flamenco guitar with Jose Manual Roldan and Manolo Franco as well as studying the art of accompanying flamenco dancers.
In his mid-twenties, Cole reinvigorated his passion for the steel stringed guitar and began playing in rock, blues, and experimental jazz bands as well as studying jazz and rock guitar at the University of Oregon. Cole is currently inspired by combining his finger style technique with plectrum picking in a hybrid technique influenced by players such as Lenny Breau, Paco de Lucia, and Jimi Hendrix. He is currently teaching students of all levels and welcomes beginners of all ages.  Cole teaches Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Nylon Stringed Guitar, as well as Ukulele and Electric bass.